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Friday, January 27, 2006


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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Beaches ...

Samila Beach


Muang, Songkhla province


From Hatyai take a bus or a van to Ampher Muang and then called “Tuk Tuk” to Samila Beach.

Samila beach is the popular both Thai and foreign tourists. A white sandy beach with shady pine trees stretching along the long seashore. From Samila beach on can see Laem Son Onn to the northeast and Chalathas beach to the south. On a clear day, Kao Seng Hill can be seen further to the south. The major landmark of the beach is the Golden Mermaid Statue, a prominent sysmbol of Songkhla. Along the beach, sport and recreation activities are avilable.

The place attraction in Samila beach area

Laem son onn This is a promontory which lies northwest of Samila Beach. Hundred of pines trees line both sides of the road leading to Laem Son Onn.. At the tip of the promontory is located the statue of Kromluang Chumphon Khate Udomsak, the father of Royal Thai Navy where the open view provides an ideal location for admiring the sunset and scenic beauty. Food stalls under the shade of pine trees offer a variety of delicious
snack s , local dishes and beverages.

Khao Noi Lying some 150 meters behind the Samila Beach, this hillock is accessed by winding paved roads. At the foot of the hillock on the eastern side is a minipark where food is sold to park goers and where tennis courts are available for the athleticminded. On the northeastern side, there is a small topiary garden. The hilltop also provides a fitness park and the statue of Kromluang Lopburi Ramase.

Khao Tang Kuan This hill lies next to Khao Noi and on its top is located the important temple of Songkhla, built during the Nakhon Si Thammarat era using the Thavaravadee art style. The hilltop commands a panoramic view of Songkhla and is reached by climbing the stairway on Rachadanmern Road. The temple performs an annual cerenony of p;aceing a robe around the pagoda, Tak Bart Devo (offering food for hungry souls) and a buddha statue procession in October. Next to the temple is a red pavilion built in 1888 by the then ruler of Songkhla, Phraya Wichien Khiri (Chom), under the command of King Rama V

Sra Bua (Lotus Pond) A small pond is divied into to parts, in the middle of each stand a paviilion on stils. The pond cotains various species of fish and other marine life. Around the pond is a miniature garden and a raised platform used as a stage for performances during festivals.

( From : The guidebook to introduce Songkhla province of Tourism Authority of Thailand Southern Office : Region 1 )

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hello World !!

Welcome to Hat Yai Height, a travel weblog !!

Hat Yai is a commercial city of Songkhla, also an important gateway to Malaysia and Singapore. Hat Yai has recently been developed into the commercial, transportation, communication, educational, and tourism hub of the south, and of course it is my hometown.

Tourists enjoy shopping at Hat Yai for various goods ranging from fresh produce to consumer products such as electrical appliances. The area of Niphat Uthit 1, 2, or 3 Roads is where major commercial shops are located. Several shopping centers available include Lido Shopping Center, Lee Garden Shopping Center, Odean Shopping Center, Sanehanuson Road, Hat Yai Plaza Shopping Center, and Kimyong Market on Phetkasem Road.

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